Associate of Arts  1975   University of South Florida  Tampa, FL
Glass blowing lessons  1985  Ybor Glass and Iron Works  Tampa, FL
Jewelry workshop with Thomas Mann  1988  Florida Craftsman Association  St. Petersburg, FL

Vetro Quatro   Front Gallery, Asheville, NC
Spotlight 2007  American Craft Council Southeast Region Gallery at Arrowmont School, Gatlinburg, TN
Southern Highlands Craft Guild  75th Anniversary  Gallery at Arrowment School, Gatlinburg, TN
Makers and Mentors  Southern Highlands Craft Guild, Asheville, NC 
The Chair Show 4  Southern Highlands Craft Guild (traveling exhibition - Wisconsin/North Carolina)
Solo Exhibition  Artists Unlimited, Tampa, FL
Two Person Show  Lassiter Gallery, Charlotte, NC
Cut,Grind & Polish  Vitrum Gallery  Asheville, NC
Southern Highland Craft Guild: An Appalachian Perspective (traveling exhibition - Virginia, Georgia, N Carolina)
Closure  Southern Highlands Craft Guild, Asheville, NC
Focus Gallery  South Highlands Craft Guild, Asheville, NC                                                       
Lighting Show  Vitrum  Gallery, Asheville,NC
Solo Exhibition (Spring)   Click Gallery, Tampa, FL
Cubic Foot Show  Southern Highlands Craft Guild, Asheville, NC
New Members Show   Southern Highland Craft Guild, Asheville
Solo Exhibition (Fall)   Click Gallery, Tampa, FL
Born of Fire: Glass and Pottery of the Western Carolinas  Upstairs Gallery, Tryon                          
The Oxidation/Burial Project  Asheville, NC     
Real Lush, Too  Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, FL                                                                     
Glass Focus  Blue Spiral Gallery, Asheville, NC                                                                             
Images of Faith  Blue Spiral Gallery,  Asheville, NC
Spotlight 95  American Craft Council Southeast Region, Museum of Fine Arts, St, Petersburg, FL
Cuban Sandwich Show  Still and Moving Gallery, Tampa, FL
Solo Exhibition Nations Bank, Tampa, FL
S.O.F.A.  Gallery I/O, New Orleans, LA
Real Lush:  Book as Art  Still and Moving Gallery, Tampa, FL
Between Boundaries  Florida Craftsmen Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
Lighten Up  Detroit Gallery of Contemporary Crafts,Detroit, MI
Table Top  Gallery I/O, New Orleans, LA
Form & Function North Miami Center of Contemporary Art, Miami, FL
Altar Ego:  Irony & Veneration in Shrines and Icons  Hand Workshop, Virginia Center for Crafts, Richmond, VA
Spotlight '91 American Craft Council/Southeast Region, Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, MS
Art that Works: The Decorative Arts of the Eighties, Crafted in America (traveling exhibition curated by Lloyd E. Herman for Arts Services International, Richmond, VA)
International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa '90, Kanazawa, Japan

The (Glass) Artistís Colony  [Home Lighting & Accessories - August 2008)
Handmade: Let There Be Light (Carolina Home + Garden - Fall 2008)
500 Glass Objects (Lark Publishing 2006)
Glass Craftsman (July 2005)
The Metal Craft Book  (Lark Publishing 2001)
Painting on Glass  (Lark Publishing  2000)
American Craft gallery  (Dec/January 1999)
The New Mosaics  (Lark Publishing  1999)
Making Great Lamps  (Lark Publishing 1999)
The Art of Stained Glass   (Rockport Publishing  1999)
Glass Craftsman   (April/May 1998)
The Guild  (1995)             
Professional Stained Glass  (June, 1991)
Glass Art   (November/December, 1991)
Architectural Design Collaborators  Design Sourcebook (1990)
Professional Stained Glass  (June, 1989)                     
Glass Art (March/April, 1989)
American Craft  gallery   (April/May, 1989)
The Guild    (1988)
Professional Stained Glass   (July, 1988)
American Craft  gallery  (June/July, 1988)
The Guild   (1987)                                                     
American Craft  gallery  (June/July, 1987)
Professional Stained Glass   (July, 1987)

COLLECTIONS   (Partial Listing)
Daiwa Corporation, Japan
Dun and Bradstreet
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
Arts Council of Hillsborough County, FL
Edge Publishing, New York, NY
West Advertising, Tampa, FL
Nations Bank, Tampa, FL
Business Committee for the Arts, Tampa, FL
Steward-Mellon Corporation, Tampa, FL
John Chamberlain (artist), Sarasota, FL

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